Beef Strips

At Arf’ul Good we pride ourselves on using only simple honest ingredients.  These Beef Strips are made from inside round beef cuts; the same cut of beef you would serve your family.  The pieces in the bag come in all sizes. There are long pieces so your dog can enjoy a good chew, and smaller pieces for a quick tasty treat.

Beef Strips 200g

Beef Strips – 200 gram package, $21.95

Beef Strips 50g

Beef Strips – 50 gram package, $6.95

Nutritional Facts

Guaranteed Analysis – Analyse Garantie per /100gr.

Ash – Cendres : 5.7%
Crude fat –Matières grasses brutes : 5.77%
Calories – Calories : 372
Crude protein – Protéines brutes : 84.66%
Moisture – Humidité : 8.4%
Carbohydrates – Glucides : None Detected